Leoshine’s Cover Painting Reveal … In Georgia!

Tassanara Script by Travis Williams (check out that cool ellipsis!)

Anna Pederson painted a gorgeous picture for the cover of Leoshine, Princess Oracle. I wanted to share my joy over this gift, so I printed cards and mailed them all over the world. (if you want a card, send your address in a message to contact@micandpen.com)

Travis Williams, who is writing splendid, warm, convivial Southern Fiction from central Georgia, received a card and made this video reveal. He created the Tassanara Font for our Internet Treasure Hunt and is featured on our Youtube channel. To say that I thanked him in the card is the understatement of the year!

Why does he shake the card? Travis feared he was receiving a glitter bomb from Madam Glitter Heap! (Follow this link to read her story!)

Travis Williams in Georgia

Thank you for all your hard work and fun, Travis! Thanks for the great idea about the glitter. Beware your next mailing!


  1. You’re welcome! And thank you for the glitter-free mailing. I once opened a glitter bomb in a Ruby Tuesday restaurant with a group of friends. This was before they were called “glitter bombs” and before there were any free-standing Ruby Tuesday’s—they were all in shopping malls.