You are a superfan of Leoshine. You want to know the meaning behind the character names, the Myxolidianisms and Aeolian vocabulary. You want to impress your friends with smooth pronunciation of the Aeolian Alphabet .Here is your dictionary, your fast track to understanding the world under the Dome!

ao Kenan Iliana’s Guide to Myxolidia (aka Glossary)

In the far distant future, those who read of ao Kevath Avram’s initiative on Myxolidia, as well as those who visit this important project in the High King’s dominion, may wish to know the meaning of some terms and place names familiar on that project.

Here I, ao Kenan Iliana, mother of Avram, son of Avram, offer a humble assortment of definitions and pronunciations to you, noble progeny and reader.


Leoshine – The fifth child of Curstas, mayor and last leader of Myxolidia. Kept in artificial youth. Slave of the Invading Aeolian leader, Avram.
Avram – Also known as ao Kevath. Overlord of Myxolidia. Leader of the mission to regenerate the atmosphere of Myxolidia and revive civilisation under the Dome.
Resham – Valet to Avram. Also chief advisor of all things Myxolidian, bodyguard, priest, and physician. Kidnapped from Myxolidia as a child. Freely morphs between Myxolidian and Aeolian.
Ao Kevad – High King of Aeolia and Myxolidia. Instigator of the rescue mission.
Curtstas – Leoshine’s father, mayor of the only town under the Myxolidian Dome.
Mother – Leoshine’s mother, keeper of traditions and superstitions.
Iliana – Avram’s mother. Priestess, physician, and teacher. Daughter of the Overlord of Aeolia.
Georg – Leoshine’s oldest brother. Trained to lead. Brave, trustworthy, and dead.
Giffshine – Leoshine’s oldest sister. Deranged by several failed Rites of Womanhood. She did not conceive a live child. Leader and rival of Wol. Tall, agile, strong.
Hillashine – Leoshine’s middle sister. Recently initiated through the Rite of Womanhood, she is pregnant at the beginning of the series. Short, dumpy, ornery.
Wol – Leoshine’s nearest sibling in age. Rebellion against Father transfers to Avram. Leader of the Woltreaders. Intelligent, arrogant, favourite of Mother.
Gavin – Avram’s city general. Giant and strong. Gentle and observant. He has a wife, Heien, who is Iliana’s neice, and five children. They arrive with Iliana.
Uly – Avram’s general. Spokesman for the generals. He had a wife that died early in their marriage.
Dorim – Avram’s general. Brother of Kirim. They were given to Iliana’s orphanages on Aeolia.
Kirim – Avram’s general. All the generals grew up with Avram, schooled together, trained as soldiers together. Loves swimming and boating.
Lantro – Avram’s general. Quick with the sword.
Alan – Avram’s general. Tall and hawk-like. Most cynical and prejudiced of the generals.
Zolous – Gavin’s second in command.
Elego – Oxikobh wifeholder. Manages a compound full of other wifeholders and children while their men fight with Wol.
Shua – Oxikobh youth, Woltreader healed by Leoshine. Servant of the Tassanara. One-armed son of Elego.
Yebit – Younger brother of Shua. Quieter and more suspicious than Shua.
Paulos – Avram’s stallion. Imprinted on Avram and trained for war.
Gorphiline – Leoshine’s servant before Avram arrives.
Byetoh – Giffshine’s failed Initiation partner.
Ankong – Hillashine’s successful Initiation partner. Woltreader.


Gavin’s Town – Used to be Curtstas’ Town. The only town under the Dome. Avram is in the process of rebuilding the wooden structures in stone quarried from freeing the underground rivers. None of the streets run very far in one direction.
Leoshine’s Family Compound – A rambling collection of buildings where Leoshine grew up. The women’s quarters are segregated from the men’s quarters. Curtstas’ governing counsel chambers lie within the compound walls.
The Watch Tower – The tallest building located in the centre of the town. Used to scout for Oxikobh attackers. Leoshine’s favourite place to escape.
The Bath House – Built by Curtstas when he returns from Aeolia. Only Leoshine takes up this new custom.
The Arena – Built by Alan shortly after the invasion. Used for Avram’s contests with his soldiers and generals.
The Cathedral – The worship house. Built by Avram to honour Ao Kevad. Home of the Crystal Altar
Iliana’s Palace – Build by Avram to house his mother when she arrives. A copy of her home in Aeolia. Home of Iliana’s chapel where Ao Kevad’s portrait hangs. Home of Iliana’s workshop where she manufactures medicines and has hospital equipment.
Gavin’s Palace – Build by Avram to house his city general and family.
TVH – Transport Vehicle Hanger. The storage facility for the only Aeolian transport under the Myxolidian Dome. It arrived with Iliana. The pilot quarters here.
Equine Pastures – Curtstas and his sons trained horses here and taught Leoshine to ride. Horses were a status symbol in his govermnment.
The Orchards – Planted by Curtstas after his return from Aeolia. He took wild stock from the forest. This wild stock had been cultivated before the schism.
Dome Engines 1-4 – Built by the original Trickixim to generate and sustain the atmosphere that is called the Dome. Self-sustaining for many generations, Rasset the scientist has to recharge them to rescue the Myxolidians from annihilation.
Kaaiput Mountains – Mountains far distant from the town where Oxikobh try to mislead Aeolians.
Elego’s Compound – The Oxikobh compound where wifeholders and children have gathered to wait out the invasion.
Landing Site – Ancient touchdown site for Interdomiary Vessels. Where the Aeolians continue to arrive in the Talon IDV.
Resham’s Workshop – Jail, prisoner of war camp, torture chamber.
North Gorge – Far distant from the town where Oxikobh try to mislead Aeolians.
Shua’s Waterfall – Where Shua corners Avram in Book Three.
Wol’s Camp – Wol positions himself on a step in a cliff and waits with his Woltreaders for Avram’s attack.


Military maneuvers

Bertrae Bair-trāy
Cortransa Cor-trăn-să
Tinamarrhi Tēn-ă-mărē


Teshaddar – Tĕ-shĕ-ddahr An electronic shield that secures Leoshine into her saddle.


Obenici – Ō-bĕn-ēssē Oracle
Ephitide Ĕff-ĭ-tyd
Whips-tarn Whĭsp-taarn
Tassanara Tă-ssă-nă-ră Princess
Epiphrondite Ĕp-ĭ-frŏnd-yte
Sassnigor Săss-nĭ-gor
Tobera TŌ-bear-ă Diminutive Slave
Babim Bă-bim
Snoriginund Snor-ĭ-ghĭ-nund Sleepy Head
Norfinoof Nor-fĭn-oof Ninny
Torpvehr Torp-fair Beauty

Flora and Fauna


Asced āth-sĕd
Pulimeit Pŭl-ĭ-mēt Plant Species
Planetine the perfect chunk of rock for building generated atmospheres
Chackwood Chăck-wude Coeval Cō-ēvaal a stream



Codmockers Cŏd-mŏkk-ers


Barskatrafing Squallywalker Oxikobh Ŏx-ĭ-cŏb Savages in the Myxolidian Forest

Cooking and Food

Eqipgn Oil Ĕkwĭ-pĭdgeon Oil Cooking Oil

Legend and Myth

Alsabal ăl-să-băl The Creators
Aeok’n Ā-ō-kĭn The Dome
Eaogk/Eogk’n Ē-ăō-gk-(n) (gutteral sound in the back of the throat) Evil infection of Aeok’n
Trickixim Trĭck-ē-ĭck-sēm Ministers to Aeok’n, original scientists who set up the Dome.
Bethspall Bĕth-spaal The first Trickixim of legend.
Grenlor Grĕn-lor The second Trickixim of legend.

Units of Measurement

Rihg Reeg Paces
Lort Lort Kilometers

Titles of address

ao Kevath – my lord
ao Kenan – my lady

Rellogat – more like a servant than a slave. A trusted member of the household who does menial work in exchange for food and shelter.

Concepts and Rituals and Protocols

Mercy Plea: When one Myxolidian wrongs another, they pay with their life, unless, they call “Mercy.” At that point they become a Rachnorgat – the lowest form of slave. They are kept in animal-like conditions, fed minimally. But at least they are alive. The wronged party becomes the Rachnorgain, or ‘master.’
Rite of Womanhood Initiation for girls into childbearing. Her parents choose a man for her. She must fall pregnant during the ritual. After that, she must give birth to a live child before she is allowed to join her man as a primary wife. If she fails to give birth to a live child, she either stays with her parents, or becomes a secondary wife to any man who will support her. He must protect and feed her. In return she gives him sexual rites without fear of feeding children.
Note: From her place of privilege, Leoshine’s oldest sister, Giffshine was given several “Initiations” before her father returned from Aeolia and stopped the practice.
Sequeacght: The drowning of a sacrifice in blood.


This Glossary and Guide is dedicated to a wonderful young woman named Emily, who has contributed a powerful amount of information and advice to Leoshine’s creation. Thank you Emily!