You do judge a book by its cover. Don’t try to deny it. Revel in it! Those pictures and words leap off the cover straight into your heart.

I want the best cover for Leoshine, so I hired Anna Pederson, an artist of extraordinary vision and talent, to paint original cover art for Leoshine, Princess Oracle. Couldn’t you just gaze at this painting all day?

Escape by Anna Pederson

We exchanged a few sketches.

Anna meets Nicola to talk about the design for Leoshine’s first book cover

My Cover Design

Original art is the first step toward a spectacular book cover. Next comes the architecture. Graphic artists spend lots of time studying in school, and then more after they graduate because design elements change with the times. I have hired 100 Covers to complete the cover with Anna’s art.

I drew a sketch of what I imagine the cover to look like.

Nicola’s sketch

She did it! The painting is finished! Oh Wow! I love it so much! Well done Anna! Are you ready to see it?

Anna explains how she painted Leoshine’s first book cover
Leoshine, Princess Oracle Painting by Anna Pederson

Wouldn’t you love to have this hanging on your wall?

Leoshine, Princess Oracle cover Print available in the Store

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